Technology and System Integration

Technology and System Integration

Our technology teams, to support the processes of the foundations of project consultancy and to offer the services of software and product integration, create added-value to the projects with the approach of innovative and creative solutions following the latest technological developments.


In necessities we provide outsourcing service in addition to our “End to End Project Management” approach. Outsourcing service is a business strategy that allows organizations to focus on their core issues and expertise that provide competitive advantage and to perform other tasks that require some quality standards through specialized companies.


With our domain specific experienced teams, we also provide outsourcing services to leading companies in Turkey that helps them to be productive, gain speed and stand out in their working areas. We have deep knowledge of;

• Business Analysis

• Software Development

• Test Management

• Project Management


We work with our clients by providing best practices and working team that meet their needs and expectations in the area of information technology. In terms of outsourcing services, there are several duties as;

• To determine the competence and the number of resources needed in the project team,

• To create the highest value team for customer,

• At regular intervals, to control product quality and ensure its continuity.