Legal Reporting

Legal Reporting


Today, financial institutions are obliged to prepare a lot of reports in line with the demands of the BDDK and internal audit departments.

"Banking Reporting Management", a product of Linktera, eliminates the manual workload of more than 200 reports that financial institutions are obliged to prepare.

All reports can be made over a data model that can meet all the needs of institutions. Thanks to its ability to work in accordance with analytical modules such as SAS, SPSS, BO with a lot of calculations, its secure infrastructure and its fast and simple management, the flexible infrastructure of "Banking Reporting Management" increases the working efficiency, it easily adapts to the new reports requested.

As Linktera, with the experience we have gained in the banking and finance sector and our professional team in the field, we create a calendar with a dynamic project management perspective in the fields that organizations need and complete the project within the specified time.

You can find detailed information about our "Banking Reporting Management" product on our Whitepapers page.

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