DWH & Business Intelligence

DWH & Business Intelligence


The process of converting raw data into meaningful data by analyzing it is called "Data Analytics". Recently, it is of great importance to make sense of big data, to use business resources more accurately, to manage competition, to increase efficiency and to make future plans.

For this reason, data management and business intelligence have become indispensable management tools for companies.

Artificial intelligence, which is at an important point in data analytics, needs to be fed by big data. Deep learning, which is an artificial intelligence method, has an important place in analytical solutions today.

As the amount of data increases day by day in the world, it is very important to make sense of these data and to benefit. As Linktera Analytics, our approach to data analytics projects expresses a holistic understanding that covers the process from understanding the business problem to creating the model and integrating it into the necessary systems.

Linktera Analytics Team delivers your analytics solution that will help you direct your business resources correctly, make predictions about the future and make data-based decisions.

You can access our document titled “New Approaches in Data Analytics” on our Whitepapers page.


Some of our projects are:

  • Legal Reporting Datamart Development
  • Corporate and Commercial Credit Data Governance
  • Collateral Data Governance
  • DWH Development,
  • Big Data & BI Reporting,
  • MIS Analyze,
  • MIS Development.