Vakıf Katılım RPA Project

Being the youngest member of the participation banking sector, Vakıf Participation Bank aims to 
closely follow the technology and work with existing technology in operational processes. For this 
reason, RPA technology was preferred in the processes within the bank. One of the main objectives 
of this project is to provide cost optimization and a more valuable job opportunity to the person by 
reducing the human workforce.

The bottleneck processes of the Human Resources, Credit and Treasury Operations and Insurance 
and Corporate Solutions departments were identified by the Linktera Operational Process team, 
and necessary work was provided with Uipath Robots to resolve them with RPA.


•Reduce operational costs

•Supporting the business unit

•Increasing productivity

•Increasing efficiency in processes that cannot be integrated


Credit and Treasury Operations Directorate

•Borsa İstanbul Comparison Process: It prepares reports that must be reported to the Revenue Administration and uploads them to the web portal.

•Sukuk Price Process: Getting the sukuk price information from the report published daily on the Borsa Istanbul website, completing the missing data first through the Banking system, if the missing data remains, a report is created by completing it via the excel file sent by e-mail and ensuring the data entry.

Human Resources Management

•Approval of the health reports of the employees in the Health Payment System and the collection of the Temporary Disability Allowance processes are implemented.

Insurance and Corporate Solutions

•100% of Regulated Policy Creation and Cancellation Processes are done with Robotic Process Automation.
•Interface automation was provided between the banking system and the web portal.