Legal Reporting Project


Since the reports which are to be prepared for both internal controls and regulators are created in different environments, the need for workforce was increasing and the period of report production was extending. Also, as the reports are not collected from one source, the possibility of making mistakes and reconciliation complexity was increasing. To overcome these problems, it was requested to create a reporting environment which is fed from one source.


By forming a database, the data which was found in different sections (Customer, Risk, Collateral, Liabilities, Payment Schedule, Collection Data, etc.) have been transmitted into this database after being consolidated and gathered under the same roof of a unique data model. A unique reporting environment has been created that enables consistent preparation of both the internal reports of the bank and reports required by regulatory bodies. 


The project was completed successfully in which bank's regulatory and internal reports can be produced systematically. It was 100% reconciliated with balance sheet and completely aligned with bank's internal system. This new reporting mechanism has minimized workforce demand and human errors.