Collateral Management Module Transformation

For one of the major banks in Turkey, a collateral management module transformation is implemented by our expert team.


The objectives of this project were:

  • Process optimization in end-to-end collateral management flows.
  • Transformation of the current infrastructure.


The deliverables of this project are:

  • New frontends are implemented including collateral entry, collateral exit, collateral update, collateral monitoring and collateral management administration.
  • New integrations are implemented with the following modules:
      • Core banking
      • Treasury
      • External Trade
      • Cards and Payment Systems
      • Accounting
      • GYS
      • Insurance
      • E-Rehin
      • Collection
  • Missing Collateral calculations are implemented and the results are fed to the other modules such as collection, disbursement and underwriting.
  • Collateral Transfer, automatic collateral and credit distribution batch is implemented.
  • Check consolidation flow is optimized
  • Collateral Sales flow for NPL customers is implemented
  • Piloting of the project is monitored.