Privacy Policy

LinkTera Information Technologies Inc. (which will be called "LinkTera" from now on) agrees, declares and undertakes that it won't sell, rent out, or lend your personal data including your e-mail address, home and work address, phone number and I.T. information(which will be called "Personal Info" from now on) which are presented by the visitors by means of the forms in this site.

LinkTera will use the information in the cases indicated below:
To send printed issues/correspondences, press release or notifications.

Along with these, LinkTera can share your information with the third parties;

a) When there is request from the authorities
b) To defend and protect its own rights of possession
c) Within the scope of the terms you accept

Only the people who are in charge and the ones who accept to keep the personal information confidential can reach the personal information. LinkTera could use these statistical data (browser type, location, age, gender, etc.) to be able to improve its website and gain information about their customers. All the statistical output attained through this search belong to LinkTera.

LinkTera cannot provide assurance for the privacy policies of the websites of the third parties' which are reached via the links presented the website; therefore, before giving any personal information, we suggest you to read carefully the privacy approaches of the websites you visit including LinkTera.