Press Release: Linktera Offers New Career Opportunities to Young Talents in the Field of Technology

Monday, September 7, 2020

Press Release: Linktera Offers New Career Opportunities to Young Talents in the Field of Technology

Press Release

Professions that are among the most popular professions of today and will solidify their position in the future; software engineering, digital marketing expertise, robotic service technician, augmented reality development, electronic engineering are considered as fields that come into our lives with digitalization.

The Turkish engineering and software company Linktera, which draws attention with its projects in different fields from banking to finance, e-commerce to insurance, provides services such as project consultancy, product support, system integration and end-to-end project management at global standards to companies that need support in digital transformation processes.

Defining 2021 as a leap year with its new management and vision, Linktera aims to grow in terms of both the number of expert employees and their qualifications. Linktera management has announced that it will employ at least 50 more people, most of which will be young people, by the end of this year. Linktera, which also includes talented young engineers in its projects, is also designing an MT program for the new year. Thus, it plans to include new talents in its experienced staff more systematically in 2021. It is stated that candidates who graduate from departments such as computer and industrial engineering, mathematics and business will be given priority during the recruitment process, and another important point is that the candidates should be willing to improve themselves and have potential in the field of information technologies.

In-House Entrepreneurship Supported 

Duygu Uskun, HR Director of Linktera, said, “We offer people who will work within Linktera to experience different sectors in the wide service network of the company. Also, they also have the opportunity to take part in different projects due to the possibility of rotation in their own internal dynamics. In this sense, we can say that especially new graduates are raised in the kitchen of the business. Another issue we care about is our in-house entrepreneurship program that we formed within our LinkteraLABS R&D office. Our employees can realize their ideas, which they dream of productizing with their knowledge and skills, with the support of Linktera within the framework of this program, and  they can own their own products / services ”.

Gender Equality in Technology is Our Pride

Emphasizing that the general age average of the employees in Linktera is 32 and the gender distribution is 55% male and 45% female, Linktera HR Director Duygu Uskun said, “Our goal is to always keep this distribution equal or close to the same. As a business field, I think that we, as Linktera, have an important place in gender distribution in a sector that seems male-dominated when viewed from the outside. "It is a great source of pride for our human resources management to achieve almost 50% gender equality in the field of information technologies." Duygu Uskun also stated that job changes occur at a high rate due to the structure of their sector, but despite being a 9-year-old company, it is pleasing to have employees for 6-7 years, and that the average is in the 2.5-3 year band, and this rate is even higher. She also stated that internal processes are constantly being improved in order to further increase this rate.

Well-trained Human Resources Will Be The Greatest Need

Linktera HR Director Duygu Uskun, who advised new graduates to go to areas where they think they will be happy and feel better, said, “The first criterion of success is loving your job. On the other hand, I recommend them to focus on technology and digitalization-oriented areas, not only because it is the area we serve, but also the way the world has gone and progressed. For a while widely spoken large data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, not only in Turkey but also in the world trained in areas such as robotic automation in the coming period will be the biggest human resource needs. New graduates should draw a career path for themselves in a way that they can use and even produce these and similar technologies ”.

%90 of Jobs in the World Requires Digital Skills

Emphasizing that young people who want to set themselves goals for university education should set targets not based on the names of the departments, but also by considering their actual content and potential job areas after university, Duygu Uskun reminded that 90% of the jobs in the world today require digital skills, regardless of their department / profession. Emphasizing the importance of self-improvement to meet world-class requirements, Duygu Uskun said, “I can recommend universities' departments related to computer engineering, mathematics, management information systems, business, economics and finance to those who aim for a career in software and consultancy such as Linktera”.

About Linktera

Linktera, which was established in 2011 with 100% domestic capital, to provide services such as project consultancy, product support, system integration and end-to-end project management at global standards to companies that need support in their digital transformation processes, today serves with more than 180 employees.. Linktera works with many important corporate companies in more than 50 projects every year in 4 different locations, including R&D and Innovation offices. It works with the SAS used in more than 75 thousand institutions worldwide in risk management, the US-based robotic process automation UIPath, France-based Murex, treasury management and analytical data of global brands such as Microfocus and Vertica. Linktera is one of the most important business partners of these global brands  in Turkey. You can visit the website to get to know Linktera, which has the leading brand of many sectors such as banking and finance, e-commerce, insurance and aviation, in its service portfolio.