Linktera and Sade Yazılım Will Bring A New Approach to Organizations With 'Detera' For SAS Solutions

Monday, February 8, 2021

Linktera and Sade Yazılım Will Bring A New Approach to Organizations With 'Detera' For SAS Solutions

Integrated installation, configuration and maintenance approach




Sade Yazılım, which provides consultancy services on integrated data analytics and data governance with Linktera, which carries out end-to-end consultancy and digital transformation projects, is implementing "Detera" with a joint investment.

With Detera, it is aimed to provide the installation of SAS solutions required by the institutions, the configurations of these products, their post-installation maintenance and support under a single roof, providing cost advantage and providing the highest level of technical support.

With Detera, implemented by Linktera and Sade Yazılım, it aims to be a supportive force in increasing business productivity by providing uninterrupted services to organizations with tailor-made solutions customized according to their needs. In line with the needs that have developed in recent years, the establishment, maintenance and support of "cloud-native" analytical infrastructures working on virtualized infrastructures in cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, RedHat OpenShift are among the strategic goals of Detera.

Detera sets out with a vision that will provide added value to organizations by performing end-to-end management of all processes from the installation of SAS solutions in on-premise or cloud environments to technical support, maintenance and repair, to software updates. SAS solutions and the process of after-sales service and continuous cooperation in the name to make it more efficient, Turkey and in the area between the countries of the region in which it operates SAS also carries the first in its field.